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Need a FEMA Elevation Certificate or want Help with a LOMA ?

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We do 100's of Elevation Certificates and LOMA's every year so we know what you need and how to get you there quickly the first time.



If you have questions about Elevation Certificates, LOMA's or Water Flow Maps feel free to browse through our articles listed below, e-mail us or give us a call.  We love to help.


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I wanted to thank you again for your service.  After our LOMA letters were accepted by our lender, we received a REFUND today ! Thank you and don't hesitate to use us as a future reference.

Jean-Marie Barbara

What to Expect:

     1)  You Order your Elevation Certificate

     2) Within 24-hours We will call you to schedule the home/business inspection (access will be needed to the lower level of the home/business, attached garages, crawlspace and all around the outside of the structure).

     3)  A few days after the home inspection We Process the Data gathered at the building and fill out the 5-Page FEMA Elevation Certificate form.       

     4)  You will receive an Email within 5-10 days from the date of your order with your Signed / Stamped Elevation Certificate in pdf form.  Give this to your Lender or Insurance Agent.  

* If your in a pinch and need it FAST we can also do a 3-Day RUSH.  Simply add it during check-out.

     5) Upon receiving your Elevation Certifidate, We will Notify you If you Qualify for a LOMA-Letter of Map Amendment.

**  We can Submit the LOMA Application to FEMA for a small fee or you can do it yourself.

*** If your in Flood Zone A or AO and you qualify for a LOMA, FEMA will require a Water Flow Topographic Map to be included in your LOMA application.  We can provide this for an additional fee which we GUARENTEE or your Map Fee is refunded.

     6) FEMA will email us their Official Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA) and we will forward it to you the same day.

Receiving your LOMA Can take two (2) days or up to eight (8) weeks depending on your case.

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